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[GURPs] Converting Morrowind

I am tentatively toying with the idea of using the GURPs system to run a game set in Morrowind. One of the reasons I love that game is it takes the normal fantasy world and turns it on its head. Instead of distant archer elves living in the ancient forests, you have aggressively meritocratic mage …

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Thanan Bestiary: Bruma

The bruma is a tyrannosaurid that is highly adapted for arctic environments, and is the apex predator of the northern-most parts of the globe. They fill the same niche polar bears do in the modern era. Bruma   31 pts Attributes: ST 25 [60]; DX 10; IQ 4 [-120]; SM 2 Secondary Charactistics: HT 12 …

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Thanan Bestiary: Tylos

I’m working on a planet for the Infinite Worlds setting in GURPs 4th ed. The world is code named Thanan and its divergent point is that the Chicxulub meteor still struck but was not as large. Some of the smaller dinosaurs survived. The following is a species of wild pachycephalosaur. Tylos   -74 pts Attributes: ST 13 …

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