The author Morgrim is a strange Australian that is better at coming up with world building ideas than plots to put in those worlds. This blog will serve as a place to put them until enough coalesce to become useful.

Pieces will generally fit into three categories:

  1. Thanan: an alternative Earth scifi (ish) roughly connected to the GURPs Infinite Worlds setting. In this world the Chicxulub meteor was smaller, a wider variety of dinosaur survived the K-T extinction, and the dominant species of intelligent life descended from an unknown maniraptor ancestor.
  2. Aurelius Rising: high fantasy minus the elves. I’m still undecided if humans should even be in this setting, but they likely will because I need someone in the human-esk role and if I use someone else, they’ll still end up as humans with funny ears stapled on. However I am still attempting to get some variety in the other sapient species.
  3. Orphaned scraps: bits of interesting world building that lack a world to be connected to. Are likely to cross a variety of genres and tropes. If I put them all together here, I can pull them out for whenever I need to flavour a setting in future.

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