[Sehto] Persim Berries

Sehto is a semi-realistic Pokemon setting by the wonderful Pinkgothic. These are my attempts to turn the magic status cures into setting-plausible medicinal plants.

Persim plants are medium trees that like sunny, well watered soils. Their leaves are have fine hairs over the lower side that gives them a blueish colour when seen from below. Their orange flowers have four petals and produce a distinctive sweet scent. Since persim plants dislike shade the trees are often grown ringing orchards of other berry trees.

Persim berries are 4 to 5 cm across and a rich pink colour and very soft when fully ripened. While the ripe berries are sweet, for most of their growth persim berries are hard and bitter. The final ripening requires several days of bright sunlight and in the wild entire tree’s worth can be lost if the season is extremely overcast or if the plant is overshadowed by neighbouring plants. While ripe berries only last a few days, the fully grown but still bitter fruit can be stored for over a month. Persim berries cure confusion.


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