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Thanan Bestiary: Bruma

The bruma is a tyrannosaurid that is highly adapted for arctic environments, and is the apex predator of the northern-most parts of the globe. They fill the same niche polar bears do in the modern era. Bruma   31 pts Attributes: ST 25 [60]; DX 10; IQ 4 [-120]; SM 2 Secondary Charactistics: HT 12 …

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[Thanan] Evolution of Dromae Hunting Adaptions

There is significant debate amongst dromae paleontologists about whether their primitive dinosaurian ancestors were capable of flight. It is clear that their distant cousins the birds are, and that some species closely related to raptorian ancestors may have been more than gliders. Dromae paleontologists are firm that they are not descended from birds. The presence …

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[Thanan] Dromae Growth and Development

Dromae are a sapient race from my Thanan setting, that evolved from the Paraves (birds and the most bird-like dinosaurs). These drabbles are mostly extended background reference material for myself, and the ones relating to biology are mostly written on ancestral, pre-civilisation dromae (just as we write about evolutionary development of cro-magnons). Dromae eggs are …

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