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[Aurelius Rising] Sobeki Beliefs on the Place of the Ground

In the cosmology of the sobeki, solid land is a thin wedge floating between the unending height of the sky and the infinite depths of the ocean. The continents are not even and, like a weather-worn log, are strongly tattered at the edges. In some places the land dips and slopes gently into the water …

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Aurelius Rising: Chiropers

Of all the forms of communication, one of the swifter and most reliable are the services of the chiropers. While well taught in codes and able to swiftly reduce a missive to a carefully written scroll their true art lies in the training and handling of the bats used to transport these messages. A chiroper’s …

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On Processing Corrosive Beasts

Breaking down corrosive carcasses can be challenging. The first step is to determine where the corrosivity comes from. If it originates from secretions such as a coating of acidic slime the carcass can be washed in suitable solvents before use. If it is too large or unwieldy to wash it whole the hide can be …

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