Thanan Bestiary: Tylos

I’m working on a planet for the Infinite Worlds setting in GURPs 4th ed. The world is code named Thanan and its divergent point is that the Chicxulub meteor still struck but was not as large. Some of the smaller dinosaurs survived.

The following is a species of wild pachycephalosaur.

Tylos   -74 pts

Attributes: ST 13 [15]; DX 10; IQ 3 [-140]
Secondary Charactistics: HT 12 [20]; HP 13; Will 11 [40]; Per 8 [25]; FP 12; Basic Lift 34; Basic Speed 5.5; Basic Move 5
Advantages: Blunt Claws [3]; Damage Resistance (Skin: Flexible, -20%) [8]; Damage Resistance (Bony Skullplate: Skull Only, -70%); Striker (Skullplate: Limited Forward Arc, -40%) [3]; Striker (Tail: Long, +75%; Cannot Parry, -40%; Clumsy, -40%; Limited Backwards Arc, -40%; Weak, -50%) [2]
Disadvantages: Wild Animal [-30]; No Fine Manipulators [-30]
Racial Skills: Brawling 11 (DX+1) [2]

Attacks: Headbutt 11: 1d+1 cr, Reach C; Tailwhip 10: 1d cr, Reach 1 (behind); Bite 11: 1d-1 cr, Reach C-1; Kick 1d+1 cr, Reach C-1

Appearance: Tylos are a species of pachycephalosaur that grow to about 1.3 m high and ~2 m long (not including the tail). Their scales are mottled a bluish grey although browner morphs exist. Males and females are similarly sized with males having a solid bone dome over the top of their skulls and females having many small bony nodules. Both sexes can use these for defence.

Behaviour: Tylos live in small family herds consisting of 1 dominant male and 2-5 breeding females. Nests are defended and hatchlings permitted to roam with the protection of the herd but no true parental care is given. Adolescents are driven away by adults of the same sex. Males compete for females via ritualised fighting: if threat displays do not drive one male away the pair will begin walking in parallel making clicking noises before spinning and attempting to headbutt each other in the flank. Despite a strengthened ribcage and protective ridges around the eyes some fights do end in serious injury and many weakened male tylos are killed by predators after losing strenuous fights.


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